Hotel Bonaventure , Montréal, Québéc, November 4-7, 2021

Programme Participant list posted  

A list of programme participants has been posted. All the usual caveats apply.

Announcing Special Guest


We are pleased to announce Canadian, biologist and award winning author/editor Julie E. Czerndea will be joining us as a Special guest

Useful information about Covid-19 and travel


The World Fantasy Convention 2021 committee is committed to presenting a safe and comfortable convention for the fantasy literary community. We are continuing to work out many small details to run a safe event, as covered by this article. We welcome questions and suggestions as we prepare for the convention, and we look forward to seeing friends and colleagues in November!

We are Going Hybrid!


World Fantasy 2021 in Montreal will be a fully hybrid convention featuring exclusively virtual panels in addition to select hybrid programming including readings and presentations. You must have either an attending membership or a virtual membership to participate in our virtual programme.


For more information visit our Registration and Memberships Page

Banquet Reservations Now Open


In preparation for the WFC 2021 Awards banquet, members of the ConCom had a tasting in August of the proposed menu - and we loved everything served. 

The desserts were incredible, and was pleasantly surprised by the Poke bowl which was tasty and fresh. 

We are pleased to announce that as a result we have finalized the menu and have begun selling tickets to the banquet. 

More details can be found on our banquets page.
A link to purchase tickets is at the bottom of the page.

2nd hotel reservations


We have a limited number of rooms at the Montreal Marriott Chateau Champlain. More under Hotels.

Programme now open for applications


For more information consult our page on programme.


On our theme: Fantasy, Imagination, and the Dreams of Youth

For many years the subgenre of ‘Young Adult’ has been incredibly popular. We grew up on Brian Jacque’s Redwall and Andre Norton’s Fantasy and Science Fiction, both. Many of us are familiar with Tamora Pierce’s Circle of Magic and Defender of the Small series. Many libraries and bookstores in the early years considered all SF&F as ‘children’s literature; a stigma still unfortunately strong today. The field of young adult fantasy has become much more acceptable to the mainstream in recent years, growing from being merely popular to becoming a dominant category of 21st-century literature, bringing millions of new readers to hundreds of new authors.


In blurring the boundaries between children’s and adult fiction, fantasy gives us many delightful worlds and creatures to deal with real emotional and social values. Young adult fiction leads readily into Magic Realism and Slipstream. The genre celebrates fantasy fiction in all of its forms: epic, dark, paranormal, urban, and other varieties.


We invite members to share what they enjoy, what they have learned, what they have written themselves, and what they hope to see coming in the field of young adult fantasy fiction.



Montréal. Canada • November 4-7, 2021