Hotel Bonaventure , Montréal, Québéc, November 4-7, 2021

COVID-19 Information for WFC 2021

This article contains some useful information about COVID-19 for members who will be attending the World Fantasy Convention in Montréal in 2021. This information will be updated as needed on our website on the Covid Policy page. We will also respond to questions at and on our Facebook page and Twitter account. 

Travel to and from Montréal 

  • Vaccinations: Travelers to Canada are welcome if they are fully vaccinated (two doses; one dose if Johnson & Johnson). One can download the ArriveCAN app for Android or iPhone to enter proof of vaccination and testing. Accepted vaccines are Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, or Johnson & Johnson.
  • Testing: Air travelers coming to Canada, and returning to most countries, must have taken a COVID test within 72 hours. There are labs in Montréal that perform tests with results available within 24 hours; we are investigating which labs would be the most convenient for our members. Road travelers are also required to have a recent COVID (PCR) test. Most countries require PCR test results before allowing visitors to enter. The US allows the less expensive antigen test for air travelers, and there is no testing requirement for US citizens returning by land to the US.

As required by current Quebec law, the convention will also be required to confirm the vaccination status of each attendee. Members will have to present this information at the registration desk in order to receive a badge.

The convention is looking into onsite testing for travelers leaving Canada. We are (as of this writing) still finalizing details. We need to know the number of people interested in taking the test. Tests would potentially be available on Saturday or Sunday and would cost anywhere from C$70 to C$90 per test (for the Antigen test), depending on how many tests we book. We ask that if you are interested to please send a short email to . Indicate how many people would be taking the test, and which day you plan to leave the country. If the antigen test is insufficient, please let us know the type required, and we will see if the testing company can handle the request. We will contact you when we have finalized the arrangements.

  • Masks: Most locations in Montréal, including all restaurants and shops, require individuals to wear a face mask on the premises; this is also the policy of the World Fantasy Convention in convention areas. The convention will provide a mask for each member, and masks are also available at drugstores and other locations. The masks may be removed while seated and eating or drinking.
  • Social distancing: As required under Quebec public health regulations, persons will be expected to maintain a distance of two meters (approximately six feet) when sitting, standing, or moving about. The convention will make all reasonable efforts to organize common areas to ensure social distancing.
  • Pandemic conditions: Canada faces the same challenges in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic as other countries. However, more Canadians are vaccinated than Americans, and Canadians are somewhat more cooperative with other public health measures. Quebec is a safer destination than any US state (as of September 26). Visitors are requested to observe standard public health precautions, including wearing masks and maintaining physical distancing.
  • Vaccine Passports: Quebec now has vaccine passports, an app for smartphones available in app stores. You must have the vaccine passport to access public venues, including restaurants, bars, theatres, performance venues, sporting events, some outdoor activities and festivals, amusement parks, and other areas. Travelers from outside Quebec can use photo ID with proof of vaccination. The proof of vaccination must be verifiable by our registration desk.

Will the Convention Happen?

Yes, very likely. Only a full lockdown ordered by the Quebec government would require us to invoke force majeure to cancel the convention. The odds of the situation changing that badly that quickly is statistically unlikely. The convention is only a few weeks away, and the distribution of vaccines has reduced the infection curve. More importantly to us, it significantly reduced the risk to fully vaccinated residents and travelers. We have every expectation of hosting a great event for everyone who comes to join us.


The World Fantasy Convention 2021 committee is committed to presenting a safe and comfortable convention for the fantasy literary community. We are continuing to work out many small details to run a safe event. We welcome questions and suggestions as we prepare for the convention, and we look forward to seeing friends and colleagues in November!

For more information

We feel the situation important enough we have added a covid information officer to our staff. If you have any questions email .


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